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The right type of paving can make all the difference to your outdoor space and we offer a range high-quality, super-durable options, colours, styles and finishes to create your ideal landscape.

Whether you wish to implement a more traditional concrete slab option for a classic, timeless aesthetic or experiment with more modern choices such as sleek granite, our team will help to achieve your desired arrangement covering patios, walkways and borders.

We can also help you organise the space to fulfil practical needs such as accommodating a wheelchair user using Beta setts or creating a safe area for young children.

To date, Vista Landscaping have worked on all types of outdoor space using materials and patterns including granite, brick weave, warm sandstone, beechwood, cobblestone, slate and flagstone. However large or small your outdoor space and however ambitious your desires, we are confident that we can create an arrangement ideal for socialising with friends or family or simply enjoying your own private idyll.

In line with best practice and for your peace of mind, our process includes full patio drainage assessment to ensure that there is no risk of water damage once the job is complete. We will also make sure that you are fully compliant with planning regulations. While some buildings will require planning permission as standard, there is often potential to use materials and styles that may mean you are exempt. We always aim to provide the most effective solutions to fulfil your requirements.

For more information on our range of paving options or a free, no-obligation quote, call the team at Vista Landscaping today!